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We use code to create solutions to business challenges, bottle-necks and headaches.

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HTML in 30 Days – Day 15 - Navigation

At the halfway point in our series it's time to tart up our header and navigation sections to finalise our initial page layout

HTML in 30 Days – Day 14 - Inspecting

We look at three useful site, and using the Element Inspector to view and change elements, in Day 14 of our HTML in 30 Days series

HTML in 30 Days – Day 13 - Content is king

We put some proper content into our page to start building a repository of what we're learning as we head through these videos

HTML in 30 Days – Day 12 - Layouts

We use our newly-created grid system to start laying out our project's structure and adding a bit of content

HTML in 30 Days – Day 11 - Grids

The eleventh day of our series sees us getting a grid system in place to act as the backbone of our project's structure