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You need SUPER privilege(s) in Magento 2

How to resolve a frequently-encountered error message in MySQL when moving Magento 2 databases from server to server

How to add Fancybox to Magento 2

A brief guide on how to quickly and easily add Fancybox's lightbox functionality to a Magento 2 website in the correct manner

HTML in 30 Days – Day 28 - jQuery

We look at two useful resources that will come in handy when we create our mobile menu

HTML in 30 Days – Day 27 - Scripting

After yet another mid-season hiatus, we're back with Day 27 of our series, in which we're looking at a brief introduction to scripting

HTML in 30 Days – Day 26 - Responsiveness

We are taking we learned about responsive design and incorporate it to improve our project's handling of different screen sizes